Using Twitter to promote your business online

Using Twitter to promote your business online

Is Twitter a part of your social media marketing?

Twitter is a powerful online social media tool,

 “At the 2014 Academy Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres took a star-studded selfie, and then tweeted it to the world. It became the most popular Tweet in the history of Twitter.” – twitter

A Tweet is an expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos. Millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day, as a Start-up company or also creating one you want to create a basic twitter account for your firm, and yourself as an individual in the team, twitter allows you to follow leading experts or firms in a niche that you want to penetrate or provide service to, this niche grows also in allowing you to reach out to your existing customers, potential customers. The tweet itself allows your Start-up firm to express her ideals and goals which is still undergoing realization or been nurtured, it’s amazing how far you can go with this easy way of communicating with people, customers and firms on the go with short quick messages like you were texting a quick message to a friend, a tweet which has a maximum of 140 characters forces you or your firm to be more creative and direct, so many creative Tag Lines have been formed from creative tweets that were related to topics or questions

What can you do with twitter? Or have you let your Twitter marketing drop off lately?

Some of the benefits or simple ideas you can use to maximize the power of a tweet are;

Present your Unique Brand Name; twitter like other leading social networks allows you to create profiles that represents your brand name it could be your Start-up or Product Name. Take @coolidgesol which represents our firm Coolidge Solutions.

Build up Creative interaction with your customers/followers; Since twitter has a limit of 140 characters maximum, Firms have to be creative and direct this way of communication allows you to quickly engage in creative ways and direct ways of talking to your customers. Ways could be Question and answer tweets between your firm and a customer who is presently on your website but having a hard time with usability or understanding a product such tweets could be answered quickly thereby providing conversions and excellent feedbacks from satisfied customers to others.

Sharing information; twitter allows you to share other information such as URL to online resources such as videos, website ages or other social networks. One good example of sharing that Coolidge Solution uses twitter for is Blogging, Thanks to cross social integration Blog or latest news been shared from organisations blog or websites can be automatically shared KEY drive here is the Title of the news or blog has to be short precise and convincing that when shared on twitter interested users can be redirected to the resources increasing conversion rate not just traffic rate which is irrelevant if conversion is not high since a user apparently spend less than a 3 second before deciding if to move on t o s different google search result or not

#HASHTAGS; the famous trending or not trending hashtags #Hashtags are famous for so many reasons such as for been creative or smart or rather controversial where followers highly engage on conversations and share ideas with other but one key thing about hashtags is the uniqueness which allows quick search for followers or non-followers which are interested in joining the conversation after viewing or been invited by others, this searchable hashtags allows this which in all is a good thing for talking which after is what every follower wants to be able to express and be listened to or rather learn

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